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Who wrote this tune "Drawing the Night"?

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Whilst on holiday I was chatting to a waiter who had this fantastic piece of jazz as his ringtone. The ringtone was called "Drawing the Night". I presume it's part of a longer piece, and I'd love to hear the rest, and some more by the same band, but can't find any more info about it. I wonder if someone with an ear for jazz might recognise it? You can hear it on this youtube link:



Here's hoping, I know it's a long shot!

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Think this the guy:




Varied output - a lot of mixing/sampling/turntable etc


Click on the cover that looks like a piece of liquorice and a souncloud link will open to another jazzy track.


If that sort of thing is your cup of tea, you 'might' like this moody track :


Stanley Cowell - El Space-O - YouTube


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Couldn't find the link you mentioned, however, listening to some of his other stuff, your description of "varied output" certainly fits.


However, I'm quite enjoying Stanley Cowell, I'm always on the lookout for some decent new jazz, what with it being a very wide ranging genre. Good stuff, thanks!

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