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Boys to Men to War

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Tin hats rucksacks and old army issue boots,

Six weeks training spent, away from their roots,

Prepared for battle to fight against the foe,

Awaiting their posting to just where to go,

Young lads some barely turned sixteen years old,

From boys to men the army would now mould,

Mums awaiting news, in the form of letters from their boys,

Not been long since they were kids playing with toys,

Different now as the uniform changed that perception

Harsh words from the RSM, who never made an exception,

Loaded on to boats, sent to France to fight,

Sail across the channel under the cover of night,

Thrust into battle well before reaching sand,

Take cover lads was the sergeants command,

Bodies falling in the hail of bullets, this their baptism into war,

Soon it was waves of blood which brushed against the shore.



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