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Going to the Doctors Experience

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Waiting in the doctors surgery surrounded by foreign friends,

In a queue to see the doctor that seems not too end,

Every nationality except possibly British sat down,

Receptionist sat at her desk wearing a worrying frown,

Interpreters speaking Urdu, Romanian and all other foreign tongue

This National health privilege available to anyone,

They land on our shores and then they register all of their kin,

Here our medical experts no discrimination over race or skin,

Nearly a week you may have to wait just to get an appointment,

For a condition that needs checking and requires some ointment,

Some of these folk sat around in here don’t even look ill,

Maybe just an excuse to further exploit the benefit bill,

Wonder how many would be sat here if they had to pay a small fee,

That might be the answer to stop making these appointments free,

A standard charge of maybe ten pounds to see either the doctor or nurse,

Would maybe lessen the burden on the NHS purse,

It would also rid these surgeries of all the time wasting folk,

That is making our health service a national joke.


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