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….Used Skips.. ?

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Out the other night with Councillor Booker for a celebration

Where we talked about his quick fix for the nation,

Asked him how were these Used Skips going?

Looks like the business is certainly growing!

We are trying to get these Used Skips in your face,

They can be used to recycle all your political waste

Not just a dumping ground for a political defection,

You wait and see in next year’s General Election,

No doubt when these cunning M.Ps are seeking votes,

With their false promises from the manifesto notes,

Today we have got our first Used Skip into Westminster,

But more Used Skips will be required for something more sinister,

His mate will be happy you can expect the usual barrage,

From an increasingly vocal leader Mister Farage,

This Used Skip Business is now headline news,

Who now have the platform to launch their views?



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