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Primary schools teaching lies

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Generally accepted perhaps.

Doesn't make it right though.

Abe Lincoln was considered to be a great emancipator at one time.. reasonably intelligent know different now though.



Who is the last person that saw Khufu there?


Has anyone ever recorded seeing him there?


All eternity mmm well he aint there now.




30 second search on the internet

Khufu chose the Giza plateau to situate his pyramid, temples, and perhaps, his tomb.



mmm his pyramid AND his tomb...



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Lets be gracious... I believe that they have been misinformed or perhaps mislead.



Nat geog are an excellent source of information you just have to recall that a lot of their stuff has not been updated for years I'm told and also that they have a tendency to toe the party line and avoid controversy..



I can see your point, Daniel Jackson's theories were rubbished by his peers and look how that turned out.

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Trying to converse with a conspiracy nut is an exercise in futility.


Indeed, there's always a random site on the net that will back up their 'theories'. If there isn't you just create it yourself ;)

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Remains have been found in many of them (I don't know if it's all).


Not really.


The OP, whilst going off at a tangent in some ways, may have a point when he says that there is no evidence of any pharaoh's remains having been found inside a pyramid.


Remains/mummies have been found in tombs within the pyramid complexes, but you will struggle to find one that has been found actually inside a pyramid.


Plenty of evidence that the pyramids were built as tombs, but actual remains found?


Does the technical difference harm the general learning of a primary school child? Probably not, considering the mass of other half-truths that they will continue to believe later in life.

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GOD created man? are you also disputing this.


Insufficient evidence on how humans came about for me to form an opinion I'd back.


Though I am open to discussion on any theories, old or new.




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Trying to converse with a conspiracy nut is an exercise in futility.


What does conspiracy have to do with this?

Other than perhaps that there may some reason why the state permits the teaching of lies, half-truths and falsehoods.


who is the nut to whom you refer?


what medical evidence have you that said person is a nut?



A whole other topic unrelated to this one would be one about conspiracy theories. Some of which some of us have found to be interesting, even thought provoking or just an amusing distraction. Some appear silly. Some turn out to be true.


One of the silliest things I've seen about conspiracy theories is that you can dismiss anything you want to labelling it a conspiracy theory. Often done by people with one or more of the following;


closed mind

no imagination

fear of something challenging their currently held belief(s)

an inability to accept that others my have, and are entitled to, a different viewpoint or opinion than their own.


But as I have said before and will no doubt do so again.

Labelling something a conspiracy theory does not necessarily mean its wrong.



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