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Mental health treatment

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Does anyone know of any day centres open for mental health treatment they use to have them, there was one near peaks

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Spaces Recovery Services offer a twelve week reablement/preventative service which is recovery focused. The service offers a range of educational and social programmes including the Recovery Education Programme, psycho-educational and social inclusion groups.


The courses range in length and group size and included are just some of the following subjects;


Anxiety Management, Mood and Depression Management, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Creative Arts Therapy, Transitions Group (for under 25 yr olds), Understanding BPD, and many many more.


The aim of this service is to build resilience and to help individuals to develop positive coping strategies, enabling them to access mainstream activities in the community including training and employment.


This service incurs no cost to access and is primarily for service users who do not meet the eligibly criteria for Self Directed Support.


Contact numbers are 01142 262660 or 2262500. Speaking personally, it was the short term Recovery focused groups available at Spaces that saved my life, not being in services for treatment. The team are amazing, the courses are fantastically delivered and most importantly, they believe in Recovery. They accept direct GP referrals.

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