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What do you want from Neighbourhood Watch

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If you aware of an active Neighbourhood Watch group or you could contribute some ideas, what do you require from a Neighbourhood Watch group.

Sensible comments please !

What information should a NW group be providing to local residents ?

What information should the Police be providing.

In what form should liaison take place with the Police.

i.e. meet at the local Police station / they come to your meetings.

Is a regular NW Newsletter useful ?

What information should the Police be giving a NW group.

How should social media be used for the benefit of NW ?


I look forward to your comments !

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Just one observation occurs immediately. Your question re social media, it should always be remembered that many folk do not have access to any of these , so there should be a means of keeping them 'in the loop'


I was involved in trying to get a NW going many years ago. I found that most of my neighbourhood just weren't interested. They didn't want to be bothered attending meetings. In light of that, some kind of newsletter could be the answer.


Most important, the police must be forthcoming wherever possible, and not hide behind meaningless doublespeak. (I speak from experience on that point)

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There are already meetings where the police are available to the public. I'm unhappy at the idea of the police spending more time at meetings or liaising instead of trying to do their job when their resources are already stretched.

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