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Video Game Quiz

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Rite here are a few questions for eagle eyed video game enthusiasts...


1. Which game had a memorable sequence featuring the Moonlight Sonata?


2. Which game was scored by prolific music composer Barrington Pheloung?


3. Which game was widely agreed to practically invent the age rating system?


4. Name the martial artist who the original Mortal Kombat was going to be about?


5. Which famous game character had cheats that made them blow up / get naked?


6. Which film was basically an advert for Nintendo and contained the Power Glove?


7. Which game had a famous cheat that was UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A + START


8. Which game featured a sporting commentator saying "THAT SHOT'S BEEN HOOKED AWAY"


9. In Mortal Kombat 2, how many wins in a row would you need to play a game of Pong?


10. Which global video game brand had adverts that said "TO BE THIS GOOD, TAKES AGES"

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5. Tomb Raider

10. sega


---------- Post added 27-09-2014 at 21:34 ----------


7. Sonic the Hedgehog?

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1-resident evil


2-broken sword




4-Jean Claude Van damme


5-tomb raider (although the naked cheat was a hoax)


6-the wizard


7-sonic the hedgehog




9-it wasn't wins in a row, it was 250 consecutive 2 player games in the arcade version for pong. 50 consecutive wins (or 25 on the megadrive version) would unlock noob saibot



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