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Och Nooo..a poem

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Whatever shall we do

if it’s Aye instead of Noo?


If the Scots should choose the road

of that cunning, grinning toad,

with their hackles raised anew

will they paint their faces blue

and pour across the border,

defy the social order

to smite their foes in battle?

or maybe rustle cattle,

a claymore at their hip

and some tinnies for the trip.


Or could we keep them all

contained beyond the wall

- a wall patrolled by blokes who look

like watchmen in that fella’s book

who’ll look for heavy things to throw

at tam-o’-shantered heads below.


How different would our lives then be?

What drastic changes would we see?


Haggis won’t be smuggled through

nor shortbread tins nor Irn Bru,

on railway journeys they’d be missed -

the ranting Scotsman soundly ******.

But naturally we’d gravely rue

the red and white without the blue.


Yet theirs would be the greater loss

If Yes should gain their pencilled cross


They couldn’t use our English notes

they’d have to trade in corn and goats.

And when the banks have packed their bags

and left them to their drooping flags

they’d wake up after all their fun

and grasp with horror what they’d done -

fallen for the tempting schemes

of politicians’ half baked dreams.

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Excellent topical and very funny piece of verse.

Briz :)

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A really well written poem with excellent wit and flow.

Being of Scottish descent I had mixed feelings about independence.

The romantic part of my soul and thoughts of pure nationalism were curtailed by the sensible need to remain within the union,? so head ruled over heart in the end.

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The Scots indeed would be more whole

If they had back what England stole

A fierce independence - aye fueled with a tot

Three hundred miles clear of that Westminster rot

Edited by csd1

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