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Driving Instructor Megathread - Part 3 - DO NOT ADVERTISE IN HERE

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to learn how to drive in the new year, and am looking for an instructor.


I've had about 15 hours worth of lessons, but this was around 5 years ago, so while I'm not an absolute beginner, I'm not experienced either.


Does anyone know an instructor that would do some refresher lessons and then identify where I am in my learning, and go from there?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi all

Bit of a stupid question! I was recommended a lady driving instructor in the Lodge Moor area for my daughter.

I spoke to her, agreed to book my daughter in, and now stupidly I've lost her details. My daughter has been 17 for a month, so she should have been back in touch 🙁

Can anyone help me out with any suggestions?

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