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Doggies in Wonderland 2014 update

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Hi All,


Doggies in Wonderland (http://www.doggiesinwonderland.com) are close to celebrating another year trading and how far have we come.... Here are some statistics:


Dogs on our books (walking, agility, training) - 62

Pet sitting - 13

Walks in 2014 (up until 8th August) - 5412

Pet Taxi : 19

Staff - 4





In 2014 we started supplying raw food around South Yorkshire, we now have over 130 customers that we supply.




We now cover all areas of Sheffield




We now cover Rotherham as of May 2014

Expansion into Chesterfield, Barnsley late 2014.




Shop For Your Doggies.Com will be launched in the next month stocking over 3000 varieties of accessories such as beds, harness', leads, grooming, and we have secured brands such as Kong, Pet Head, Gor Pets, Chelsea Dogs.




We have now started a Grooming service ( July 2014)




We also as of Jan 2014 started working on Credit Facilities with all of our customers, which makes everyone's life easier and lets you pay your bill on pay day! This has been very popular with our clients.



Days out

Raw food




From the first of each month, you can book all of the above with us, and you get one monthly invoice, so you do not need to worry about what you have in your wallet or purse, we just send an invoice at the end of the month and you can pay via bank transfer! Simple!




We now have over 420 likes on our Facebook page with plenty of positive reviews. Please add us and see what all of our Doggies are up to!


The greatest thing for us, is that due to the amount of customers we have it allows us to keep our pricing as minimal as possible for all of the above services that we offer. Our prices range for walking at £5 for 30 minutes - £7 for 60 minutes, we walk a variety of locations in Sheffield, again check our Facebook page for further information.


We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us and we look forward to working with you all for the next year!.


Kind Regards

Doggies in Wonderland!

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Well done Chris! You should include in your figures an airport run. Highly recommend this company


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Another recommendation from me! :) Really helpful and my dogs love Chris!

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