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Upperthorpe, Portland Street, Daniel Hill School

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Born in Portland Street 1951 Went to Daniel Hill School just wondered if any of the people i knew there were still around. Its been a long time but still have many names in the memory bank.

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Lived further away on Cross Addy street but use to walk down Portland street to the bus on Langsett Rd. Also the same way and cut across yo my grandparents on Langsett rd at the side of the pub I think half way down OPPOSITE Vtoss Portland street where Herbert Jackson kept first of all coaches and later when my father worked for him coal lorries. On cps there was also stables were ar one yime a fruit and veg man use to keep his horse and cart. Also a bit of a newsagents yhat operated from a terraced house. At thr top of Portland Street there was a butchers A Denniff who's father ran it (donkey denniff). Use to go into cartlidges at the top years before. The worst was after everyone hsd moved out having to walk down yhe centre of the road during the Sheffield gales while the tiles flew off the roof about 8am


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Shops on Upperthorpe Bernards and Alex Anson barbers and straws at the other end? Firth chemistd at the othrr side. Did you know any of the following at Danirl Hill, Ròger and Ian Preston out of the bid yard on Springvale rd,The Hemmings clan Gary, Stewart , Barry and the 2 girls. Also I tnink jonny cogin went there (not jonny kalender eho fid the clubs ) He went to Crookesmoor and was the year above me. There was the washouse Daniel Hii at the back of Upperthotpe baths.

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remember George shaw who had the horse and cart down straw lane, also remember washhouse. Remember dennif butchers had my haircut at Bernards.

We all left there when I was about 7 years old and we went to a pub in Stocksbridge but came back a year later ten eventually went to Gleadless Valley. Lotof my friend sweet to Foxhill. WI was born and lived in 51 Portland Street. I swam galas in upperthorpe baths and went to Daniel Hill infants. I remember Charles Cawsey and he wrote a memoriam in the Star

to my Sister who died at twenty one years


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Names I remember.

Ann Moody

Katherine Hoole

Jeff Stevenson(still a big friend)

John Stvenson

Stephen Crookes

Stephen Wilkes (still in touch)

Susan Dennis

Ann Howarth (had a crush Haha)

Barry Danks

Steve Bates

Michael Spencer

Lots more, Faces I have forgotten names to an

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My wife went to Gleedless Valley school in 1966 smd left Gleedless valley in about74/75

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