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Missing Cat - S2 St Aidans Rd

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My BILs indoor cat has been missing since Tuesday and theyre worried sick about it. The cat is tabby and small.


I am unsure of age/sex and doubt its microchipped (:rant::loopy:) but said would share out where I could.


I should note, my BIL used to live in Bradford with the cat, before returning back here in Sheff 2 months ago.


Contact details here:



Photo (edited): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Btz3oAOIgAEXHrQ.jpg



I just ask to please keep an eye out for the kit as his autistic stepdaughter is apparently heartbroken the cat has gone AWOL



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I live in S2, so I'll keep an eye out, and I've shared this on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope your BIL finds the cat, and that he sees this as a good reason to get that microchip fitted!

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Thank you so much Jenni!!


I would just like to add that the cats name is Riz, shes 14, last seen around St Aidans Ave and MAY be heading home to the BD4/BD5 areas of Bradford.



Believe you me, I'm a big believer in chipping pets. We adopted an older cat a few years back and we didnt even have her a week and got her chipped!


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Apparently a cat similar to Riz has been spotted near Constable Rd in S14.. People are trying to rescue the cat as it appears she is now sick with cat flu.. If you're in the area, please keep an eye out for her


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the cat wasnt her (unfortunately) but is now has been treated at Peak Vets and with the RSPCA at last contact.


I've made a new poster for Riz, if anyone sees her, please help


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