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Introduction To The Badminton Group

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Sheffield Forum Badminton Club


Hello everyone.


This is the group of the Sheffield Forum Badminton Club.


We are an open group of badminton players of all ages and levels. No standard required and everyone is welcome. You can attend for just one evening and if you enjoy it you can join us to play as often and when you want! Everyone gets to play and the atmosphere is a change to an uber competitive club.


Social club night: Every Tuesday from 8pm till about 9.30pm

Club night: Every Thursday night; This is the same as a Tuesday only we don't go to the pub afterwards .


Location is usually at Ponds Forge (The location will be announced weekly due to occasional events at Ponds Forge)

Afterwards we rehydrate and cool down in the local pub.


Shuttles will be provided and we have some club racquets that can be borrowed for free.


Sign up each week. The list of people signed up is constantly updated for each week. (Please note that the list might be on a previous page in the signing up thread)


Socials are occasionally organised and ideas are always welcome! Socials we have had are for example; Sunday roasts, Xmas dinner, Greyhound racing at the Dogs, trip to Ice hockey, Go Ape, leaving do’s, etc. (More to come soon!)


We have designed our own badminton shirt, which is available in very bright! colours. (Our models show them off every Tuesday night )


It is £4.00 if you sign up in advance of the session, and £5.00 otherwise. If you sign up before midday Tuesday, then a new £3 rate will apply if we end up playing to 15 on a Tuesday. This includes court hire & shuttles.


For all new people: if you would like us to wait for you @ reception just let us know.


So far this group has proven itself very popular and new people settle in very quickly. So if you feel like joining us, just leave a message and we will see you soon!



Email: sfbc@live.co.uk

website: http://www.sfbc.org.uk


Chairman: Gareth Evans


Secretary: Jen Foster


Treasurer: Tomas McCaig

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