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Missing Ginger cat - woodhouse s13

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Our cat has gone missing


Name- George

Colour - Ginger and White

Age - 1 and a half


Went missing on the 6th July from woodhouse

Could possibly be making his way back to woodseats as we used to live there

But he has been going out for a few weeks at new address


Wasn't chipped and no collar as kept

Losing them but was neutered.

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Hi Anna,


Really sorry to hear your cat has gone missing. Ours came back this morning. We got the following good advice from Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield lost and found. I hope you find it useful...




Sorry to hear that your cat is missing….Put up posters and leaflet all neighbours to please OPEN sheds and garages for a little while in case he/she is trapped inside to give him/her chance to escape., put reward on your leaflets/posters if you feel you want to but don't say how much, keep sharing his/her picture, post on fb groups, vets and rescues etc...and someone will offer information or may have seen him/her, . Also tonight empty something from the vacuum outside and put his/her bedding on the line and he/she will smell the direction of home if he/she's just a bit lost and call him/her when its quiet/late as you walk back towards home so he could follow if he/she's nearby. Also check any nearby empty houses/allotments/cat hoarders/feeders. Do also look in peoples windows and bedroom windows in case he/she has been taken in, it does happen. Search your garden and neighbours’ gardens regularly in case he/she is hiding under shrubs/hedges and inside and under sheds, they do this if they are injured.

Also check/register on animalsearchuk.co.uk check Gumtree, (lost and found and also the ones for sale), nationalpetregister.org, all local vets/rescues etc.. rspca , Check Catchat.org and select your area to get a list of all local rescues to contact and post on local facebook selling and lost and found sites, and, as sad as it may be, you may have to check with your Local Council, best of luck xx

Find a vets near you. UK Veterinary Surgery Web Sites. Every UK Vets' Practice Listed http://www.any-uk-vet.co.uk We have entries for every UK Veterinary Surgery, right down to the smallest branch - well, that's our aim - please tell us of any we've missed.

Cat rescues:

Local Cats Protection branch - 03000 12 12 12

Local RSPCA - 0300 1234 555

Local PDSA - 0800 917 2509

Local Blue Cross - 01993 822 651

Missing Pets Bureau - 0870 1600 999

Pet Search UK - 07844 316 943


We also put him on http://www.trackacat.co.uk.


I hope this helps and that he turns up soon.



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Hello,can you give a better description of your ginger cat please. I have had a very thin ginger cat visiting my garden for the last three months now.My neighbour and I started feeding him about a month ago, and he looks a lot better than he did.

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