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A good day's fishing

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Yesterday's forecast had promised a decent sunny day instead of the cold rain that we'd had recently.

So off I went to our local lakes, getting there at about 8:15.

I had the choice of most of the pegs as there were only a couple of anglers there.

I chose a corner spot, out of the wind and in the sun.

As I set up a couple of nice sized carp swam by and to see if I could keep them near threw a few bits of Tesco's cheapest bread in the swim.

Well, suddenly about six appeared and went mad for the bread.

I couldn't set up quick enough....8lb main line loop to loop to a 6lb hook length,no float.

In the first hour and a quarter I caught 15 fish, mainly 5-6 lbs but a few 7-8 lb'ers.

The competition was for the bread was such that a lot of the bait was knocked of the hook, so I tried to target one fish rather than casting near a group

I stayed until 13:30 and called it a day, even though they were still biting, as it was getting to hot I'd got a birds nest and, I never thought I say this.......it was getting boring!!!

A total of 30 good quality carp.


What a day.

Had to share it with you.

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Sounds good, what's the name of your local lake !?

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