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Replacement Electric Shower

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We have just started renting a house in Hackenthorpe, S12.


It has an old electric shower in it, but it doesn't heat the water any more and the landlord has no interest in replacing it, but we are considering doing it.


Any idea on cost for a new electric shower? The house has been rewired in the last 3 years, so presumably the electrics should be OK and take the current shower into account.


Any idea on how much this might cost? Obviously I don't want to spend hundreds on a shower for someone else's house, but if it's cheaply replaced I'd really like it doing.


Any ideas about cost or recommendations of anyone who might be able to do this?






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Have a look at the old one's maker & model AND rating (kW).


There MAY be ones the same still on the market, which should 'drop into' the same plumbing & wiring..


I WOULD NOT fit it yourself though.


Ask the landlord again, and read carefully your tenancy agreement.


I'm a LL and find they usually last about 4 years.


(Not 'tripped' it's own circuit has it??)

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Happy to quote and send the correct tradesman for the job cheers Jon at

JB Heating.

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