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Free stealth game (windows/linux/mac)

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The Dark Mod


Follow that link and there's a downloads page


Stealth Gaming in a Gothic Steampunk World


The Dark Mod is a FREE, first-person stealth game inspired by the original Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. In it you play a hooded figure slinking through the shadows of a gothic steampunk city, hunting priceless valuables while avoiding the swords and arrows of those hired to stop you.


The Dark Mod was originally released Oct. 17th, 2009. The standalone version, TDM 2.0, launched in Oct. 2013.

Uses the Doom 3 engine and used to need a copy of Doom 3 to run but now but now it's open source and got rid of that requirement.


Anyone who enjoyed Thief : The Dark Project, The Metal age or Deadly Shadows should also like this.


Plays on Windows, Linux & Mac OS X


I have to say personally, I'm loving it.


Did I mention it was free.


Video for the curious

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I watched the first minute of the trailer and that's enough...


I was so gutted with what I saw of Thief 4 that I didn't even pick up my preorder, and just let them have my deposit. I still have Thief 3 fantasies, so hopefully this'll live up to them. Fanmade games ftw.


Thanks for the link.

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No worries, I recommend working through the training mission before trying an actual mission just to get used to the control system.


Hope you enjoy it, either way post back here to let people know what you think, the TDM team could use the publicity.

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