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Beginner 5 week course in Stick Fighting and Self Defence

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Beginner 5 week course in Stick Fighting and Self Defence


Starting 10th of June every Tuesday 8-9pm

Unit 15 Devonshire Business Park,

Eldon Street,


S1 4GT

Price £10


Stick Fighting - You will get to learn and experience some of the 26 techniques from ABC Combat System stick fighting the 26 moves are all based upon the shape of the letters in the alphabet it makes it easy to learn and remember, you'll get some disarming techniques in there along with the awesome noodle sparring competition (great safe stick fighting utilizing foam noodles)


Self Defence - covering 1 of the 9 Drills in this no bs martial art, the drills look like strikes and blocks ie shadow boxing/demo/kata/pattern however you'd describe it, hidden within the drill are takedowns, chokes, throws and control and restraint, this gives you a traditional training method with the practicality of modern reality based techniques, with the added benefit of being able to practice solo.




Want to learn to do this with a stick?



And fight like this?



Call 0786-3686-137 to book your place.


More information can be found by visiting http://www.tacticalcombatclub.com

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Fully licenced and insured instructor

Governed by the British Combat Association


---------- Post added 09-06-2014 at 18:02 ----------


Still places available,


Don't miss out come down and try a highly effective martial art and learning method....


Thanks J

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