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Ukip. All discussion here please.

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24 minutes ago, Mister Gee said:

That’s what I thought as well. Maybe they’re going to try to get England to leave planet earth.

Well, far from orbital considerations, there's many other rule-setting supranational clubs beside the EU, that the UK is still a member of, and which it could yet leave.


NATO, WTO, UN, ECHR, (...).


But I've not heard anything from UKIP, about leaving any one of those? :confused:


Heck, after Brexit, we could do with a new one to chat about 'Consequences' :D

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1 hour ago, L00b said:

What political purpose does UKIP serve, exactly, in these post-Brexit, post-Withdrawal Agreement days? :confused:

Well if Trump does go in to his Trump tower bunker,and that’s a big if,we still need a reminder that there are worse alternatives to Johnson,Gove and Rees Mogg..

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