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Market Stall Style "Tents" wanted to hire

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Hello all

I wondered if anyone could help

I was wondering if any one knew of somewhere that you could hire or borrow Market Stall style "tent" (I am sure that tents is not the right word but I mean the kind of basic metal frame and covering that is used on the Moor Market stalls- not the indoor markets, the ones on the street)


I hope that makes sense and that someone can advise


All the best

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heard sharrow forum Sheffield have just bought the old market stalls off the Sheffield

council,if not contact scc markets dept and rent them off scc,cost ?, but they have rented them to sharrow festival over many years,so I would start at scc markets dept

hope that helps you,there are also local companys that bring set up gazebos at festivals and collect at the end of the day,

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