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Changing iphone front glass

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got the screens how hard can it be, any feedback welcome


Which model? And have you bought just the glass or glass and digitiser or glass, digitiser and LCD?

If it's just the glass then I'm afraid you've wasted your money regardless of model as the digitiser is glued to the glass. From the iPhone 4 onwards the LCD display is also glued to the glass and digitiser so all 3 pre glued together would be needed. The iPhone 4 and 4S are the hardest to replace as entry to the phone is from the back and the whole internals of the phone have to be stripped out. The 3GS and all the 5's are accessed from the front and are a lot easier. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube to give you an idea of what's involved. It is doable if you follow the instruction and remember where everything goes (there are a lot of small parts to remove if it's a 4/4s). Best way is to spread some plain paper where you're working on it and draw a circle round each part you put on it with a note or drawing of where it goes.

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