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George Kelk's, Macmillan Charity, Memorial Fishing Match

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George Kelk is my Granddad who sadly passed away in December 2009. We have arranged an annual Charity fishing match in his memory.


Those that knew George (Bill) know that he was a keen angler. Through the years he worked for Stamford's and Swale Angling in Sheffield. When it came to fishing he was a man to beat especially when it came to match fishing on the canal and many other venues. Despite only having the one eye it was better than anybody's 2. He was a master at not only repairing poles & rod's but building them too. In his memory myself and my brother Sam have started an annual fishing match. A % of the takings are being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.


The match details are as follows:


£25 Entry

Includes the following:

£5 Pegging fee (to be paid in advance to ensure seat on match)

£15 In to pools

£5 Donation to Macmillan Cancer Support


We have 4 lakes reserved at Lodge Farm Fisheries in Doncaster for FRIDAY 22nd AUGUST


There will be a trophy and the winner will get to keep it for a year until the next match.


It will be engraved with winners name, venue, date and winning weight.


Please contact me either via PM on here or you can text / ring me on 07593617285 to arrange payment of the pegging fee.






Contact Details:






(Letter of Authority can be seen from Macmillian Cancer Support if required)


Thank You

Liam Kelk

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good to see authorization from registered charity can be provided liam_j_kelk


best wishes,a wirthy charity :-)

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Right guys, Friday 22nd August will soon be upon us and I currently have 12 out of 100 places booked for this match, if you are interested please let me know and I will put you names down and arrange pegging fees with you. Anyone who can not make the match but would like to donate to such a worthy cause "Macmillian Cancer Support" please do so by clicking the link below and donating no matter how big or small it will all help.



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Think you are asking too much for fishing and also if you offered more to the charity and less to the pool you might fill the numbers up quicker, sorry we can't make this one but are going to York races that day - hope you have a great day. I am going to a coffee morning for Macmillan cancer on 26 September :D You would also been better booking it on a weekend as people work during week

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