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Repair Cafe Heeley City Farm, Sat March 29th 2014

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Repair Sheffield repairsheffield.org.uk is running it's next Repair Cafe at Heeley City Farm, Saturday 29th march 10am-4pm.


A place to bring your broken stuff

and get together with people who can mend stuff

and find out how to mend it over a cuppa



Small Electrical appliances, toys, shoes, clothes, pots, kitchen equipment

computers, bikes, audio equipment, furniture……

We will see if we can help you mend it


If you would like to volunteer as a repairer, please email info@repairsheffield.org to be registered.

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Hi there...


Do you have repair cafe dates for 2016 yet? You mentioned forums, is there one.. a kind of virtual repair cafe?


I'm hoping to find a good material for a dodgy connection in a handheld, battery powered milk frother.... I don't think the batteries make contact with the top of the case any more, so the whisk doesn't rotate.


(Reason why I think this is because for ages it didn't work when used normally, but worked if you squeezed the top down to make contact with the batteries.. I guess the top has just come too far up for that to work any more).


It just needs to be something I can pop in there, just smaller than a 20p piece, that is an electrical conductor. I thought of a blob of solder but a) I don't have a soldering iron and b) keen to see if that is the problem before making any irreversible changes.



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Try a small piece of screwed up kitchen foil under each battery.

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Repair Cafe dates for 2016 just confirmed:

Last Saturday of alternate months, 10am 4pm

30th January

26th March

28th May

30th July

24th September

26th November.

NB: close strictly at 4pm - please don't come at the last minute.

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