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..Gibberish Cack…

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...Gibberish Cack…


Front page news I’ve read today,

All about what those politicians have to say,

This gibberish cack from licensed crooks,

On how they try to balance them books,

With the price of food at an all-time high,

Cuts in benefits to the so called work shy,

Very soon workplace pensions another pot to raid,

No doubt quadruple our foreign aid,

Genuine hardship that hits our nation,

Seems to be rising faster than the rate of inflation,

People taking longer to reach deaths door,

Make em work longer, kill a few off for sure,

Increase retirement age for men and women,

Get all the obese to start slimming,

Telling all our friends what a great nation we be,

They don’t have much care for the likes of you and me,

Like pawns in that political game called chess,

We the blind, led by the clueless,

Sorry I meant to say our elected political friends,

That base all there logic on market trends,

Dodging questions of political fact,

Hoping to keep their integrity intact,

Yes front page news, this political spin,

Think my papers heading straight for the bin.



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