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Is it me or is Sheffield getting left behind?

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Walking round Sheffield today it is clear the city has no real direction. It doesn't even know what it is.


Is it a Chinese playground? A commercial hub (market)? A manufacturing hub? A city of sport? An education hub? A vibrant multicultural city with variety of cultural exchange points for services and goods?


Not really, although you see elements of the above.


Where does Sheffield want to be?


Does it want it's citizens to be housed well and have decent amenities to access?

Is it happy to be quartered with different cultures living different lives just a few miles apart with blurred boundaries on the main roads?

Should sports facilities be for all, or concentrated in the centre for ease of access to national commuters?

Should people be working as drivers, cleaners and cooks for the Chinese?

Should there be education for the people born here, or should it be sold to the highest bidders in the global market?

Should we have manufacturing jobs that employ a large proportion of the workforce?

Should we have a large space dedicated to trading goods, cheaply, an outdoor market with cheap/no rent?

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