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I have an 84 year old father-in-law, who needs to get out more often, and upon asking him if I would like to join a luncheon club, responded that he would like to join a group where authors, writers and/or film makers went.


He really wants the company and to share his experiences more than anything, on a mor ittelectual level, he feels, as he is now unsteady on his feet, so won't be able to do a lot of practical things.


He has just given up driving, but if the group is close by I am sure he wouldn't baulk at getting a taxi every now and then.. He lives in Wincobank, can anyone help with suggestions, please?


Thanx Glenys


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Please excuse the spelling :-)

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Writing Yorkshire on Bank Street will help you. Used to be called Signposts. Geoff Briggs used to do a one to one session at the Central Library, Wednesdays 5.00pm. Not sure if he still does. But he is very helpful.


All the best

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