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Waiting For A Bus !

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Waiting For A Bus !


Waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come along,

To take me on a journey I’m longing to be on,

In my hand gripped tightly is I think the exact fare,

Also on this bus kind of hoping they will be there,

Could it be the right bus, when it’s finally here?

Been waiting over an hour for this bus to appear,

Panic setting in maybe I got there late,

Only got one chance to meet this special mate,

There is a bus that’s coming, I’m really not quite sure,

The bus pulls up to the stop, the driver opens the doors,

I clamber on the bus, to the driver the fare I pay,

He says this journey we are going, will only be one way,

Looked all over the bus, I can’t of got it wrong,

I’m sure this was the bus that they were meant to be on,

Must have caught the wrong bus, now will never know,

Sometimes in life’s journey that’s the way things go.



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