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Smell that Bread

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Smell that Bread


Can remember that advert about a loaf of bread,

Always remember the line, that lad said,

He were a great baker wah me Dad,

His Yorkshire twang, made him sound right sad,

You could smell it in a morning he went on to say,

Fresh brown bread being baked every day,

With his cap and bike, n bread under arm

He would cycle to bottom of hill, to deliver t farm,

Then turn around and push bike back up hill,

Warm his hands by coal fire, nearly caught a chill,

Breakfast was a thick slice with butter and jam,

As he bit into bread he turned to his mam,

Put some in lunch box I’ll have it for dinner,

With a bit of spam n pickle, that’s a winner,

The sounds just like thee father, you silly old fool,

Now cut thee cackle and get off to school.



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