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Evrilgate Bud home for good

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Evrilgate Bud home for good


After night at dogs we thought we’d like a greyhound,

So to dog rescue centre the next day we were bound,

These ex racers had run there last,

Some had been injured, others just not fast,

We walked in to where these dogs were kept,

Immediately off us feet we were swept,

Big eyes, wagging tails,

Each making pick me wails,

They all need a home, but which one to select,

Everyone say they make ideal pets,

Not good with cats the notice read,

As one jumped down off his shavings bed,

All these dogs for a reason were there,

Just need a home, some love and care,

Went past a kennel and sort of knew,

They say you don’t pick a dog, a dog picks you.

This big chap with hardly a hair on his back,

Had not been long since leaving the track,

Short walks for him as he had just been castrated,

His poor face looked devastated,

Not moving with very much ease,

We decided to give him a bit of cheese,

Licking his lips, this he gratefully accepted,

That’s our dog, he’s the one we selected,

This fine greyhound known as Evrilgate Bud,

Will be coming home with us now, for good,

This dog has been such a real treasure,

And given us endless love, a real pleasure.



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