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Where is the cheapest S.Y. Fried Chicken?

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This thread is about the cheapest fried chicken.


It's all the same. The recipe's might be different, but they aren't going to be dangerous to eat.


Chicken is inherently cheap, and even the worst available has to be good quality, otherwise it would be illegal to sell.


It's unfair of you to accuse the cheapest chicken friers of selling dangerous, or even lower quality chicken. Especially if you're not prepared to test them.


Personally, I haven't had a problem with buying cheaper chicken, and would suggest that your words exist purely to encourage customers to pay more than they need to for food.



If a seller of food sells dangerous food then it should ideally be reported.


The cost of the food is not an indication of it's quality. There are many factors that make the chicken expensive, and they are never the quality of the food.



Cost of the food is not an indication of its quality??????


That's lot of rubbish.


Good quality products are always more expensive, that has nothing to do that poor quality products are always bad.

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I know it doesn't make a difference, because I've seen the delivery guys at chicken cottage swinging and banging about those huge bags of chicken portions in play during delivery with my own eyes. It costs nothing to handle them better, but they're pressured to get the job done as quickly as possible no matter what they're paid.


Just as is with everything else, food cost is carefully balanced with the number of expected purchases to maximise profit.


The chicken will be sourced as cheaply as possible anyway.


Being halal* isn't a sign of it's quality either. It's a religious thing.


If quality sources mean an increase in profit, then those sources will be utilised, but then so will anything.


I understand that you haters gotta hate too, but I'm not looking so naive :)


All that aside...


Back on-topic. Adnans is still out in front at 5 pieces for £5.50, and I am happy to vouch for their quality personally.


I'm looking forward to hear of anywhere as cheap or cheaper.



*Halal in a nutshell. Normally, the animal is drained of blood after death, but Halal dictates that the animal is alive while the blood is drained.

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