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Match day blues!

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Match on Saturday for mates and me,

Can’t beat a bit of weekend footy,

First use to go as a kid, with my old man

Now all have Season tickets proper fans,

Across road from ground is pub where we meet,

Then at five to three we take our seat,

On t pitch come our boys,

Stadium is now full of noise,

People cheering singing our song,

Kick off time now not too long,

Penalty ref the crowd shout out,

No way is this ref giving us owt,

Get to half time chance are few,

Time for a pie so we get in queue,

Steak pie pea’s gravy in a tray,

What we usually have on match day?

Second half starts the away team score,

We think offside but not quite sure,

The ref and linesman are now getting some stick,

Their keeper stopping everything making us sick,

Final whistle and match comes to an end,

Our team beaten at home once again,

I think the only reason why I keep coming here,

Is for pie at half time and pub for beer.


Johnsbucket :

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