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Ma and Her Jumble

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Ma and Her Jumble


Every Saturday afternoon without fail

Mums would congregate for the jumble sale,

They would be outside with their plastic bags,

Ready to fill with cast off rags,

Ma, well she would be at front of queue,

For them doors opening at just gone two,

She on a Saturday would spare no expense,

Trying to fill four bags for less than fifty pence,

When she would get home she would summon us in,

This was where the real fun would begin,

Try these on they should fit you a treat,

It says size five Ma, I’ve got size seven feet,

What about this shirt? it might fit your dad,

You’ve never seen anything looking so bad,

What about these trousers? for school perhaps,

Ma would chuck across these faded slacks,

Try em on,I’m sure they will fit just right,

Alright for length, not too tight,

As last on her face would be a beaming smile,

I knew going to jumble sale would be worthwhile,

Be it a granddad shirt, or a tatty old jacket,

She would buy it cos it didn’t cost a packet,

Someone else’s hand me down, it’s as good as new,

Them days money was tight, it was best Ma could do.



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