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..knocking Out..

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.....Knocking out.....


Twenty years ago was found on a journey in life,

Been separated for two years from the ex wife,

Found a job where you could earn over three hundred a week,

Possibly if you put the time in four fifty it would peak,

The lowest pit where we would spend some time,

Would be down in the dungeons, the name not sublime,

After five twelve hour days a week shifts would end,

Here you would find me with now one of my friends

This fellow struggler was not ever going to hide,

His commitment to his family his unbeatable pride,

Many a night we would do ten hours or more,

Knocking out they called it, this soul searching chore,

Fifty wracks a night was what you had to do,

With fifty individual pots in each, between us two,

These metal pots where a couple of feet long, six inch wide

Smashed on to a table, out there contents would slide,

The heat in this place would be over thirty five degrees,

We did this job till we were nearly dead on our knees,

There was always plenty of overtime to be had down here,

No one could stop the clock and morning would appear,

Our three litre bottle of squash each we would drink

Wiping away sweat from our eyes, every time we would blink,

Through the night once we would stop for something to eat,

Neither thought of quitting, we would never be beat.



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