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Benefit street !!

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What would it be like living on Benefit Street?

Watching kids playing out with nowt on their feet,

Single parents of which there are plenty,

Some of the mums are barely twenty,

Listening to how hard done by they may be,

Whilst in the room there is a fifty inch flat screen tv

A call will come through on their latest IPhone,

So sorry but starting to question their moan,

Pleading poverty there can be no doubt,

But surely it must be about sorting life out.

How in a house can you not have basic essentials?

Why is having styled nails, designer clothes, more preferential,

Cigarettes, beer, drugs and squalor repeatedly seen,

On Monday nights on our television screen.

No motivation to change their current plight,

Some actually believe it is their given right,

Sympathies can’t seem to find hardly any.

There have been many a time been down to last penny.

Always worked never claimed for owt,

If not got it then do without,

These latest television celebrities need to disappear,

It’s time to say get me out of here,

Benefit Britain not a life to promote,

If anyone can change it they get my vote.



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The worker buys a telly, and he buys a car.

Then he loses his job, can't even get work in a bar.

The dole ain't enough for him to pay bills.

His weekly income is tiny, in his life there's no thrills.

Sells his car at a loss, but keeps his telly.

Struggles to get by and put food in his belly.

Somebody who thinks he is holier than thou.

Hears of the telly and starts having a cow.


Why get wound up, over little things.

Cheap televisions, phones and inherited rings.

The majority of money that goes to those on the dole.

Goes not to them, but some parasitic landord **** who has the audacity to preach about freemarkets whilst exploiting the poorest via injustices arising from land and property ownership.

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Sir there will be cases of unjust misfortune but what is happening on this street is also in every city and most towns there is an element of people who make a choice, it is there children that will know no different, and will only learn the way of the system. If money was stopped being paid to these individuals they would still get by, they are more clever and cunning than given credit for.

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