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Noise Pollution

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Noise Pollution


Won’t ever forget one night with Dave my old mate

As on our way home through a housing Estate,

We hear noise from a garden half way down the street

Dave not hanging about quite nimble on his feet

Party time Chubb! Shall we see what it’s about?

We are now outside the house with the music blurting out,

Dave opens the gate and wanders down the path,

Come on he says it’s time for a laugh,

Can’t believe he has opened the house door,

Says come on in Chubb! I feeling very unsure,

No one in the house they are all in the garden,

Then next we hear a voice I beg your pardon!

Dave very quick says sorry for the intrusion.

We are from the Council Noise pollution,

Within seconds some burly guys appeared,

Dave I think it’s time we disappeared,

Very very quickly we made a retreat,

And scarpered the hell out of that street

A voice shouted out Dutton I will get you!

Big Benno the slaughter man who Dave Knew,

At the end of the road we stopped to catch our breath,

I said Dave if he catches us he will batter us to death,

No says Dave he will be alright,

Never forget noise pollution night.



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