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Mister Big Issue

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Mister Big Issue

As I browse out the window whilst sipping my drink

Watching the Big Issue seller I shudder to think

Wondering what his story is? Who really cares!

Events in his past, just why is he there?

Big Issue! Big Issue! is all that he yells,

In under an hour barely one he sells.

Yet he is there in sun, wind, rain and snow.

For hours on end then off he will go.

Where is home? Just how does he get by?

You can’t knock someone for having a try

The very next day he is there once again,

It is bitterly cold, and it’s starting to rain

A smile on his face as he sells his first copy

Kind lady goes up and hands him free cup of coffee

So grateful he is, clenching the cup close to his lips

Gently warming his hands, as he slowly sips,

Every day he is there, so many choose to ignore,

Big Issue! Big Issue! He hails once more.



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