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Has anyone heard that your eyeballs can freeze

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I've just read Ranulph Fiennes book "Cold". He describes frozen tears as the most painful thing he has ever experienced - and this from a man who sawed his own fingers off one by one with a hacksaw. If you are interested in living in extreme cold, it's a great read.


Just beware - one anecdote he reveais is of a 70s polar expedition where a team member scratched an eyeball with a rock splinter. It became infected, so his colleagues had to remove his eyeball inside a tent, using a penknife - whilst receiving directions from an eye-surgeon via-radio from Sweden. Ouch!

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We wasted a trip to a famous waterfall; the water was diverted for hydro-power, and only allowed over the fall at certain times for tour groups.

When they find out how to harness the power of the Northern Lights, we may never see them again!

I wouldn't mind seeing Angel Falls. A bugger to get to though.

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