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Nuisance Neighbours

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I had a care in the community guy who lived in the flat beneath me. He could hear me walking on his ceiling. Hammered on my door at all hours of the night and early morning. The Council were real helpful, offered to check my flat for loose floorboards etc. (Why not sound proof his ceiling).

His social worker visited me, and asked me to understand? Said he imagined it sometimes, depending on his medication?

The police really weren't bothered, until I said I kept an axe on the shelf by the front door, and if he ever crossed the line?????

His social worker had him removed.



Nice one.


Why didnt I think of that when dealing with a former neighbour who lived upstairs from me with his flaming dog which kept barking like a wild hyena. After countless letters and complaints to the COuncil and landlord the noisy git and flaming dog took themselves off. Saw him a few months ago in one of the City centre supermarkets and am simply delighted that looks cant kill because otherwise there would have been a major battle with blood shed all over the place. :hihi:

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you need to gather as much evidence as possible photos/camcorder/written diary and use all this when complaining so you have a stronger case...also as someone else has suggested get the enviromental health involved

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