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Chantry - muxlow

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Lilian Muxlow


BIRTH 11 SEP 1887 • Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

DEATH DEC 1982 • Reading & Wokingham, Berkshire, England

stepdaughter of great-grandfather



Lilian was the step daughter of my husbands great grand father !! I have a tree on ancestry that details the Muxlow & Chantry family's. My father in law knew Lilians mother as Grandma Chantry ( she never did marry Joseph Chantry ) and he knew Lilian as Aunt Lil !!! We are wondering exactly what photos you have ? Maybe some of the extended family :).


I have worked out how to read private messages but not send them....... technology Eh !!


A x

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To send private messages you need to have made 5 posts. To send them - if you right click on the name of the person to the left of one of their posts you will get a drop down menu which will give you the option to send messages.

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Hello alexchantry and polypody, 


It’s  years since  this  topic has been active, so I don’t know how long  before either one of you read it. 

Polypody,  I  am the Aussie Girl who corresponded with you  regarding Lilian Muxlow. 

I, too, was  after information on her . On  reading all of the responses  mentioning Lillian in this thread, I  am  somewhat swayed to believe  my cousins’s records may not be correct. He  spent time  in England researching Lilian family history, and has her listed  as  having been married to Philip Hoptroff from Chalegreen, Isle of Wight. 

Lilian’s sister, Minnie ,was married to  Richard Jewsbury  from Hull. Sadly, Minnie died in childbirth , and  later married Lilian’s  sister, Edith.

Lilian was the eldest of 5 children, her siblings in descending order being Edith, Edwin, Minnie and Evelyn. 

My grandfather was Edwin Muxlow. He   and  his wife, with  their three children , migrated to South Australia in 1925. Evelyn and her husband  migrated later, but I’m not sure on the date. John Gantry Muxlow  followed his son a year later. 

Lilian is a mystery. She was hardly ever mentioned  talked about when my mum was young, but then not a lot was talked about . 

 I am glad to   discover that  Lilian and Edith were lovely people.  If you have any other interesting information on Lilian , I would welcome  it .





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