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Sheffield libraries have your say

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Why do you accept that?


Because local authorities don't have nearly as much money as they've had previously. Much as I love libraries, and I've been using them for over 60 years, I'm being realistic.


Libraries have changed enormously in my lifetime, usage has reduced, mainly due to the development of TV and various other information systems. Some libraries are being kept open, I'm glad of that, but I think there are more important priorities than keeping them all open exactly as they have been for years.

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Or they could collect the outstanding £30m in council tax that is owed. That'd cover a fair few libraries costs.


This is a matter of cashflow, it doesn't really affect budgets.


The best idea is certainly to get rid of some of the councillors or at least stop paying them a salary. Yes I know most get an "allowance" but they get a large sum of money whether they turn up or not.


The three councillors involved in the meeting about Gleadless library could forfeit their allowances and cover all the libary expenses. Then there would be no need for them to attend meetings about closing the library.

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The majority of Sheffielders cannot read so why do we need any libraries at all?


Those that can use the internet for research rather than a book, I'm talking about students.


The was a time when Librarys were filled with the educated and the good looking, take a look at any library in Sheffield now, this is certainly no longer the case.


Are you just trolling. If not please back up your statement with facts.


"The majority of Sheffielders cannot read "

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