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Chihuahua x jack russel free to good home

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Reason for Rehome / Sale - change of work and no time to look after dog

Time Scale – How Urgent? Very urgent

Sale Amount - Free

Has the Dog been in Rescue No

Location Norton S8

Age & Sex Male 4 years

Breed/ Mix Chihuahua x jack russel

KC Registered No

Approximate size very small

Exercise Needed 20 minutes walk couple of times a day

Neutered & Micro chipped No

Vaccinated & Wormed yes

Live in / out in

Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals No

Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No

Temperament Very loving and well behaved

Good or Bad with Children Good

Dislike of Men or Women No

OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Never lived with dog or cat

Travel OK in Car Yes

Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time 8 hours

Destructive Behaviour No

Barks Very rarely

Pull on the lead No

Crate trained No

Housetrained Yes


Batman (dog's name) is a lovely dog. He is tiny, white with one ear black and other half black. He has some small black dots. Although he is 4years old he is very lively and still looks like a puppy.


The reason why I have to rehome is that me and my partner broke up..and none of us will be able to look after him and give him time and attention that he needs. It is very urgent and I am only looking for loving family to look after him.


Message me or tex me 07832359648 and I will happily send photo.




General Information you can share about the Dog.

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