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Hello to all


Can anyone tell me if there are any good Literary Agents in The Steel City please ?




above is a link to a chapter of what i,m writing


Many Thanks


Bill Stewardson


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is there anybody OUT THERE ????

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Not as far as I know. I went through the process of approaching agents around two years ago, but there doesn't seem to be anyone locally (not according to The Writer's and Artists Yearbook). It would seem that all the big ones are in London, probably because that's where the big publishers are, too.

It's not the case that if you have a 'local' story you will need a local agent/publisher. My novel is set in quite a specific area of north Notts/Derbyshire but a top London agent was quite happy to take it on. If the story and style of writing are good enough an agent will be interested.

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thanks you guys ,, ive now written 30 000 words , the work is non fiction . It details the events surrounding my sons death at Basra in 07 . And ive still plenty to write. I would greatly appreciate any help/advice on how to go about "hawking" it.

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