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Shoot the owner not the dog!

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I've never seen unleashed dogs rip others to pieces or people attacked. But I do live in a more rural area. Maybe if you explained yourself better on this subject then people might understand your views. However ill still say your views are too extreme. Some dogs need to be on the lead that's all.


It happened on my door step a little Yorkshire terrier ripped to shreds by an unleashed dog infront of its helpless owner and people just passing.

But not only do i not need to explain myself better as you put it I don't need to explain my reasons at all because its common sense.

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On the flip side, I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who weighs 8 stone and in the words of a lot of children (and adults) that meet him, 'looks like a fluffy teddy bear'. Arthur is kept on his lead in places where there are high volumes of people as I understand that a dog of this size, off his lead could be quite intimidating to some people. I have lost count however, of the number of times that parents have allowed their children to run up to him to stroke him without checking with me first. One bite from a dog this size could do a lot of damage to a small child. Luckily for them he has been socialised with lots of children (on school runs and football matches) and he is a big fluffy teddy bear.

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