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Wonderland - Saturday 23rd November @ Wadsley Church Hall 2:30pm

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Wonderland - an Alice in Wonderland family fun day ... Free Entry for all! Wadsley Church Hall S6 4DD.


Update ! Im so excited to announce that Girlband Angles in Chaos will be performing https://www.facebook.com/AngelsinChaos and also City Limits Street Crew are coming !!!


Everyone helping out and performing at this event are volunteering so we can give all the money to the charities.

this will be a fabulous day with a madhatters tea party, cake raffle, plate spinning, March hare sugar cube challange , eat me" biscuit decorating ,hoopla round "drink me" bottles

craft activity - making / painting roses to put on bushes on the wall.

Play your cards right , "Down the rabbit hole" lucky dip,"off with their head" cocunut shy,"pin the grin on the cheshire cat and riddles around the room. There will also be a madhatters tea party table with plenty of themed cakes and buns kindly donated by local businesses ...


there will be a book stall, "vintage stall", baby clothes, face painting and nail art

An art auction will also take place throughout the event- Donations from the famous Dan Baldwin, James Green Print Works, Philip Palmer and Paul Butler , winners to be anounced later in the day.


There will be a great range of fabulous prizes such as;

A signed cushion by 1 DIRECTIONS Louis Tomlinson !!!

family pass to Yorkshire wildlife park,ice skating,cinema,meal at nandos, family pass to the butterfly house, £20 spa voucher from The Beauty Retreat https://www.facebook.com/TheBeautyRetreatSheffield?ref=ts&fref=ts



All the money raised will go to the Special Care Baby Unit at Jessops and the Childrens Hospital ....


When my Son Tiffin was born (now 5 months old!) he was delivered by emergency c section early because they noticed on the scan that he was anemic.

He was so poorly and was rushed onto intensive care where he had a full blood transfusion & blood swop - he had nemurous scans, treatments and blood transfusions and is now still under the continued care of the Rygate center / physios/speach & language therapists because of the effect the lack of oxygen has had on his brain. He is now doing so well , hitting all his mile stones so far and loving his little life :)

Because of all the care from the Special Care Baby unit & the childrens hospital we wanted to do this event to raise money & awarness of both charaties but also celebrate Tiffin, the friends he made there (some of which are currently undergoing major treatment) and anyone else that has been through a similar thing and had so much care and treatments given to them as a massive Thank you to them !


Look forward to seeing you there ! 23rd November 2:30 :)


face book link to the event ; https://www.facebook.com/events/1404018219825210/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=calendar or failing that try typing in 'wonderland' and it should come up !

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adding updates x

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Hi I was just wondering if I'd maybe able to help out here? I make sweetie trees/sweetie bouquets and other confectionary gifts and could maybe have a stall, I'd be willing to donate? It sounds like it could be a really good day!!! If you could send me a PM that would be great thanks x

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Can't believe it's on SATURDAY and I didnt mention Where it is in the post ! Wadsley Church Hall S6 4DD

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