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Toilet wall humour.

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The painters work is all in vain

The ****house poet strikes again


---------- Post added 12-10-2013 at 18:53 ----------


To the sh*thouse poet

When he should die,

There should be erected,

Broad and high,

For his cunning

And for his wit,

A solid monument made of sh*t.


---------- Post added 12-10-2013 at 18:55 ----------


Here I sit in dull repose,

That fart you left still burns my nose.


Hark Hark

I hear a fart

where where

over there

quick quick

get a gun

fart fart

too late its done


I'm not slow, and I'm not dumb,

But restroom signs, aren't no fun,

Too obscure, my eyes are blurred,

Which is which, can't tell a word,

So put up a sign, with drunkards in mind,

And make it clear, where to put my behind.

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Not from a wall this, but 'toilet humour' non the less. A man waiting in the A & E gets up and starts to walk, stooped and shuffling. Two trainee doctors see him and go over. The first says " Excuse us asking, but my colleague and I were trying to ascertain what your condition might be. I think you are suffering with Haemorrhoids, and he thinks varicose veins are causing your difficulty in walking." The man replies. "Well, now then, let's see. You thought I had piles, and you were wrong. He thought I had varicose veins, and he was wrong. I thought I wanted to break wind AND I WAS WRONG !"

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