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Applying for provisional driving licence

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Hello there,


I know there already similar posts to mine but could not find the answer to my query.


What it is, I have applied for my provisional driving licence online via gov. website. I have filled all the information, paid £50 etc. Since it is all online, you can track the progress of your application and since Tuesday 27.08 it says the same thing, that they have send a confirmation form to my home address and that I need to send it back to DVLA. Well, I have received the form on Saturday 31.08.13, filled it in, signed it and on Monday 2.09 I had a picture taken and posted the form with photo, and my passport (I had to send it since I have Polish passport) using special delivery (again with the facility to track it online). Now normally it should be delivered next day, but mine up to now says that they cannot find my letter, so I rung up royal mail this morning and found out that the letter has actually been delivered on 04.09 (just someone must have forgot to scan the letter :/). Well anyways, now that I am better knowing that it got delivered as I was worried about losing my passport, I have decided to check the progress of my application online and what a surprise- it still says the same thing although it has been two days since it was delivered to them.


Just wanted to see if the same happened to anybody else...it may be that they have got it, processed it and posted to my address already but forgot to update the system I don't know but I am just getting impatient as I would like to start my driving lessons asap. Any advice or your experience will be much appreciated.

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