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Looking for Michael P. Parker, born 1958 Sheffield

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15 sets of remains of British Soldiers were found in 2009 at Beaucamps Ligny in France. There could be Sheffield men amongst them.

There is a campaign running to find living relatives of these men to try and determine through DNA testing their identities.

There are a possible 58 soldiers who these remains could be of.

54 living relatives/DNA donors have been found, of the 4 that are remaining Henry William Parker of Sheffield, is the only one where there is a prospect of finding a relative.


The widowed mother of the soldier, Frances Selina Parker, lived at Petre Street, Burngreave during the interwar period and possibly continued to live there until her death at the age of 91 in 1956.


The soldier had two sisters, Naomi b.1886 and Nellie b.1889. There were also two brothers George Robert b. 1895 and Fred b.1902. Nothing is known of Fred but George married Mabel Langhorn in Sheffield on 18 August 1915. Mabel died in Sheffield in 1972.


George was wounded twice during the war and the couple had a son, George K Parker b.1924 who married Dorothy Taylor b.1925 at Sheffield in 1952. George and Dorothy had one son, Michael P Parker b. 1958 in Sheffield.


That is about all the information that I have. Parker is obviously a fairly common name which makes it very difficult to trace the family through the BMD index and even more so when trying to trace the great nephew, Michael Parker, using the electoral rolls for South Yorkshire.


So looking for Michael P. Parker.




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There is a Michael Parker who posts regularly in Look Local. I think he lives in the Stocksbridge/Deepcar area. Maybe email Look Local to put a request in the letters page.


Email: news@looklocal.org.uk

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