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Help with disabled minibus

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Sorry for posting this twice but wasn't sure where it should go.


Hi Im needing to hire a minibus for a trip out with my lovely residents at work but need one that has a lift on it due to needing to transport people in wheelchairs. Does anyone have any ideas or numbers where I can hire a minibus and a driver?

Many thanks in advance

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how many does it need to seat?


if it's "minibus size" (seating 12-15) then contact Sheffield Community Transport, as they have minibuses, with tail-lifts, for hire. If you can supply your own MIDAS trained driver, all to the better. (SCT can and do provide drivers, but this is at a little extra cost)


If you are looking to transport 30 to 40 people, then contact a local company called Caring Coaches, via Coopers coach firm (Caring are a subsidiary of Coopers). They have at least three coaches, which have wheelchair lifts, and the drivers are brilliant.


They can anchor up to three wheelchairs on coopers coaches, where the patient cannot transfer out of the chair, and can seat other wheelchair users who can transfer, by taking them up to the level of the seating in their chairs, using the tail-lift, then removing the wheelchair once seated, and stowing the chair underneath.

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