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Restaurants in sheffield

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I went to Thyme last week and really couldn't fault it. Certainly not cheap but the food and service were superb.


One of the staff even gave up his taxi so that me and my girlfriend could get home in the snow! Made me glad I'd given a decent tip anyway :thumbsup:

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Thyme's excellent! Rafters is also good, tho' they only do a fixed price three course menu (or did) - would like option of just two courses instead as I'm not a pudding fan.


Wouldn't recommend slammers - only been the once, but service hurried, and table position left a lot to be desired. Other's have raved about it but ....


Meditaranian on Sharrowvale road is probably worth a visit - though opinions may differ on that, but I've always had a good meal there.


Carriages was ok - but wouldn't rate in my top 10 of places I've eaten.


For some excellent pub food then I'd wholly recommend a visit to The Three Merry lads out at lodge moor. Very varied menu.


Have you tried http://www.sheffschefs.co.uk ? They have some reviews on restaurants etc..

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